National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF)

NLDTFThe NLTDF was set up to distribute funding for deserving causes such as charities, arts programmes and sport organizations. ECAS has been a beneficiary of NLDTF funding since 2002 and this funding is used to finance the ECAS programmes. From covering transport arrangements to paying for specialised athlete services, NLDTF funding plays a crucial role in ensuring that ECAS is able to function optimally and fulfil its mission.

The NLTDF also supports various sport clubs and community sport initiatives within the Eastern Cape. Programmes such as “Learn to Swim” are the building blocks for mass participation and elite performance in sport. As such, ECAS is appreciative not only for the generous sponsorship that it receives but also for the NLDTF’s support for ECAS’ partners. NLDTF is also crucial in the implementation of ECAS’ community education and training programme which strives to develop sport management skills among community leaders and sport administrators at a grassroots level.

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