Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture (DSRAC)

DSRACUnder the guidance of its MEC, Mrs Xoliswa Tom, the Eastern Province’s DSRAC has demonstrated outstanding support for ECAS’ activities and initiatives. ECAS and the Eastern Province DSRAC share the similar mission of developing skills and excellence among the province’s athletes. ECAS is also a partner of this provincial body and also co-ordinates the participation of the provincial teams in competitions such as the annual SA Games.

The provincial DSRAC also plays an important role in providing facilities and resources for mass participation of communities in sport. It is through these structured opportunities that those athletes who demonstrate potential are incorporated into the various ECAS programmes. ECAS is also a strategic partnership in the organization of the DSRAC’s bi-annual SA Games which are aimed at encouraging sport development in all provinces. Therefore the support of the Eastern Province DSRAC is not limited to only financial support but the provincial DSRAC is also a strategic partner in the achievement of ECAS’ mission.

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